CCTV Installation Cost and Packages In Dubai

CCTV installation cost and packages

The cost of CCTV installation in Dubai can vary, depending on the factors mentioned below. Some installation companies offer packages that include the cost of equipment and installation, making it easier to budget for your CCTV installation needs.

Basic CCTV installation packages typically include 4 to 8 cameras, a digital video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NVR), cables, power supplies, and installation services. The cost of these packages usually depends on the quality of the equipment and the complexity of the installation.


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Advanced CCTV installation packages may include additional features such as remote access, motion detection, and advanced analytics. These packages are generally more expensive depending on the number of cameras and the level of features. When choosing a CCTV installation package, it’s important to consider your specific needs and budget. You may not need all the features included in an advanced package, so it’s essential to choose a package that meets your needs and fits within your budget.

As one of the top CCTV Surveillance Installation companies in the UAE, we offer the best CCTV Installation Services at different prices.

Different CCTV Camera Brands Cost And Packages

There are some best Brands of CCTV cameras, we provide to our Buyers with their costs and packages to show you the best results.
  1. Swann
  2. Samsung
  3. Honeywell
  4. Bosch
  5. CP Plus
  6. Hikvision
  7. Dahua
  8. Uniview
CCTV cameras installation in Dubai

Swann CCTV installation cost and packages

Swann is one of the best CCTV camera brands. Now we are going to elaborate on some functions of Its CCTV Cameras here. It is selling its cameras in different price ranges. A set of four cameras with eight channels. It is 1080p, full HD quality, Heat, and Motion Detection, and Indoor and outdoor wiring surveillance. The second package of Swann Home DVR Security Camera System with 1TB HDD, 16 Channel 12 Camera, 1080p Video, Heat Motion Detection, LED Lights, Indoor or Outdoor Wired Surveillance CCTV, and Color Night Vision. The Third Package of Swann Security Camera System with 2TB HDD, 8 Channel 8 Cam, POE Cat5e NVR 4K HD Video, Color Night Vision, Heat Motion Detection, LED Light, and Indoor or Outdoor Wired Surveillance CCTV. These are some of the packages of Swann security cameras. It is a good brand and giving the installation services of these cameras are very affordable for our team.
Swann CCTV camera with pricing

Samsung CCTV installation cost and packages

As we all know that Samsung is a good brand for all their electric products and Mobiles etc. The CCTV cameras of Samsung are also very good. Our team has also researched Samsung and its CCTV installation systems. They too have their packages at different costs.

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Honeywell CCTV Installation Cost And packages

Honeywell is also a very well-known and good brand. In order to keep public areas and the people who use them safer and more secure, Honeywell Video Systems CCTV offers trustworthy identification of potential security concerns.
CCTV cameras installation cost-and-packages

Bosch CCTV Installation Cost And packages

Bosch offers dependable protection that assists in defending individuals and property. We can utilize them independently or seamlessly combined with surveillance systemsaccess controls, and fire apparatus to further improve security and safety. Connect cellular or cloud services with intrusion control panels quickly and securely. For communications with the control panel and cloud connectivity for remote programming and end-user app connectivity, you can choose from cellular data plans. To help you boost sales and more effectively manage security devices, services, and bills, the Installer Services Portal, our mobile-friendly website, offers single sign-on for secure and simple access to Bosch communication services.

Get CCTV Installation Service in Only 3 Steps

We are going to elaborate on 3 simple steps of our CCTV installation.
  1. Reach out to us by phone or online call. We will come out to your site at no charge and provide you with a quote that would likely be the most affordable in the market.
  2. We will draught your invoice after receiving your approval.
  3. The work will then start and end on schedule. You’re all set.

Why are CCTV Installation Services Important for people?

When it comes to protecting your house or place of business. From both internal and external dangers, CCTV camera installation services are necessary. The majority of the time, surveillance enables users to closely monitor the happenings. It is utilized to prevent prospective risks like theft and other attacks. Therefore, it makes sense to think about investing in CCTV security given all the illicit actions occurring around you.

Security professionals also use it to find the truth in dangerous circumstances. Any home or business security system must now include it. A basic societal requirement is a need for web access for remote CCTV Cameras.

Why is DAB Contracting best for your CCTV installation?

We provide high-quality security camera installation services for a very reasonable cost. Our team has the extensive technical knowledge and more than ten years of expertise. No matter how big or little the job, the client’s happiness has always been our top priority. Every customer is treated equally by us. Our company’s motto is “The customer is king.”

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