CCTV installation company in Ajman

CCTV Installation in Ajman

CCTV Installation in Ajman cannot be ignored in this age of increasing criminality. You require a 24-hour-a-day security arrangement. However, the installation of security cameras in your homes and businesses is of greater importance. It will guarantee the safety of your home and business, respectively. You need not consider hiring security guards from an unidentified company. Because your very own UAE Maintenance Expert is always available to assist you in this regard. You can call us or send us a message. Our security officers will therefore visit your location and conduct a thorough inspection.
Our mission is to ensure customer satisfaction. As the security of our clients’ infrastructure and assets is our top priority, we offer the highest quality services in designing, angling, and installing market-leading CCTV cameras. We are the leading service providers in UAE in terms of CCTV Camera Installation. We employ highly specialized systems to calculate the accuracy of key viewing angles and focal lengths. During the implementation of the system, we ensure that critical security requirements are met in accordance with customer-established priorities. This involves examining the setup procedure, testing the system, identifying potential problem areas, and addressing quality assurance requirements.

About Us

DAB Contracting is one of the premium-class Ajman police-certified security solution Provider company in Ajman. We have Police approval for CCTV and other security equipment and apparatus installation. At the same time, we are an CCTV Installation in Ajman police-approved Alarm and Monitoring devices and equipment trading wholesaler. Additionally, we have authorized sellers of CP Plus cameras in Ajman.

CCTV Camera Installation in Ajman

DAB Contracting provides services for installing CCTV security cameras in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), specifically in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman. We can install a diverse selection of security systems, including NVR systems, CCTV camera systems, DVR systems, and IP camera systems, each of which comes in various brands, sizes, and resolutions.

Our HD CCTV security cameras provide reliable video surveillance. Whether you need to protect a significant amount of data or your employees, customers, assets, and premises from theft, burglary, and vandalism, we can help. Regarding applications, we always use the most advanced CCTV equipment available. We install security cameras that, both now and in the future, will fulfill all of their requirements for safety and security.

Security Camera Monitoring CCTV Installation in Ajman

You are not required to follow any complicated process; instead, it is very simple to gain access to our services and reserve your time slot now. A vast selection of services can be provided by CCTV cameras, such as protection and security, in addition to a few other noteworthy services.

It can assist you in ensuring your company’s safety and monitoring everything that goes on in your workplace, including the office and the working area.  There is no need for you to worry about the price range because we have the highest quality CCTV in Ajman, and we have separated the low-priced and high-priced cams into their own categories.

However, there is no sacrifice in terms of the product’s quality. Our security cameras are easy on the wallet and of the highest quality.

CCTV Services We Provide

CCTV Installation

In Ajman, the Ajman Police Department has made it mandatory for all buildings, offices, warehouses, pharmacies, mobile shops, and travel agencies to have CCTV installations as part of their mission “To protect You.”

The authorities in Ajman have requested that all of the building owners install CCTV cameras within their properties to monitor all entrances and exits.

We can handle large, medium, and small projects and installing CCTV cameras should only be carried out by installers which the Ajman police have approved.

CCTV-Installation in Ajman
CCTV-Annual-Maintenance-Contract-AMC service

CCTV Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

We offer a CCTV annual maintenance contract (AMC) that is compliant with the specifications and regulations of the Ajman Police Department and is, therefore, acceptable for the renewal of your trade license, warehouse renewal, or any other business.

Your home’s security will be monitored and maintained by one of our highly trained technicians.

Structured Cabling and Cable Pulling

We offer our services in cable pulling and structured cabling for projects of varying sizes, from large to medium to small.

Our expert engineers use their technical knowledge and adhere to the established standards for cable pulling.

Structured-cabling-and-cable-pulling in Aman
Fever-Screening-system-installation service in Aman

Fever Screening System Installation

Fever Screening system using tomographic cameras to detect elevated skin surface temperatures, screening at the entrance to offices, living communities, buildings, factories, stations, airports, and other public places.

Cameras that are enabled with AI can measure the temperature of a human body in real-time and with a high degree of accuracy.

It can discover and track people who have a higher body temperature in crowded public areas, and it has the potential to be used extensively in places like airports, schools, hospitals, and customs houses for inspection and quarantine.

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