CCTV Cameras

Whatever the reason, if you are planning to install a surveillance system in your business or home and are looking for a CCTV and IP camera installation company in Dubai, you have come to the right place. At Dab Contracting, we are prepared to provide you with a fast, efficient and honest system.

Our certified team is prepared for every job, managing projects with the skill and experience our clients expect. We want our clients to be satisfied with our service, so we offer open communication channels for the whole year. Great service begins and ends with experienced professionals building the best team to protect your company, employees, family, and even yourself. We complete each project efficiently and on time, going above and beyond to build lasting relationships with our clients.

Our CCTV and IP camera installation company have carried out installations in companies, warehouses, premises, public spaces and private homes.


Reasons To Hire A CCTV Camera Installation Company In Dubai

Increased crime and the expansion of city danger zones make security measures increasingly developed. Thus, it is important to use alarms, locks and other mechanisms that make it difficult for criminals to act. However, these methods do not always provide the identification of the people involved in the crimes. Therefore, the use of cameras has intensified and, with that, the services of a CCTV camera installation company have become increasingly necessary.

Why Should You Hire Dab Contracting For CCTV Installation?

We are specialists in infrastructure solutions for CCTV and analytical system installation. We deliver your monitoring center in operation, with all documentation and warranty. See what we can do for your company to have a state-of-the-art CCTV center.


Premium Service

Work done with dedication; we want to be your partner and strive for service.


We document all actions and you will receive all reports from the project from start to finish.


We work on time because time is money! Your project cannot take longer than planned. 


After everything is delivered, you can count on our support to solve any problem. We give warranty of our work. 

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Installation Of Security Cameras In Companies

There are many advantages of installing CCTV cameras in companies and businesses. Protect your place of business with high-definition security cameras that not only record HD-quality images but are also designed to blend seamlessly into your existing business space décor.

Maximize the efficiency of your office. Security cameras make it easy for you to control your employees in real-time. CCTV can be accessed remotely from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Installation Of Security Cameras In Companies
Installation Of Security Cameras In Private Homes

Installation Of Security Cameras In Private Homes

Control who enters and leaves your place of residence with a network of surveillance cameras. Investing in home surveillance systems secures your private property.

Security Camera Installation Company

Dab Contracting will always offer you a “turnkey” solution, finished and ready to work, according to your demands and real needs. We will take care of everything, from channeling the entire installation. If necessary, as well as the wiring and, of course, the configuration and start-up of all video surveillance systems. In addition, we place special emphasis on working with the most prominent manufacturers in the sector, those with the most advanced equipment on the market, from technology and hardware to the most advanced camera optics, to guarantee the final product quality.

Security Camera Installation Company