What is the Difference Between IP Camera And CCTV Camera

Difference between ip and cctv camera

CCTV systems transform the visual stream into a format that televisions, VCRs, and DVRs can use. IP cameras can either keep the data on the camera itself or convert the video signal into IP packets that can be transferred via a network or the internet to a server or NAS for network storage.
surveillance system reduces theft and vandalism. Furthermore, if they do decide to carry it out, you will have verifiable proof of who did it when and where it was done. When you have to present evidence for police investigations, this can help you save a lot of headache.

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Main Categories Of Video Surveillance System

The two main categories of video surveillance systems are IP cameras, also known as network cameras, and CCTV (closed-circuit television), also known as analogue. Video is transmitted to the intended location by both CCTV systems and IP systems. 

CCTV systems change the video signal so that televisions, VCRs, or DVRs may utilize it. IP cameras convert the video signal into IP packets that can be delivered via the internet or a data network to a server or other network storage device, or they can store the data on the camera itself. The use of network devices by the IP system gives it an advantage over CCTV systems in that it can increase the range of IP cameras.

You can see the difference between IP and CCTV camera results in this picture.
Difference between ip and cctv camera

Comparison Between IP Camera And CCTV Camera

Parameters Of Comparison

IP Camera

CCTV Camera

Full Form

The full form is an Internet Protocol camera.

The full form is closed-circuit television.


Digital video cameras.

Analog cameras.


It do not require cables.

These cameras transmit data via cables but wireless also available.

Video Quality

IP cameras have higher resolution video capturing.

CCTV cameras have lower resolution video capturing(not much difference).


Best for recording videos for security purpose.

Best for recording videos for security purpose.

Reviews of Both Cameras in Our Opinion

  • IP cameras are good in quality and they don’t require cable. They have higher resolution video capturing. But they are more expensive than CCTV cameras.
  • The resolution of IP cameras today is substantially higher than that of CCTV cameras. In comparison to analogue cameras, IP cameras have a far wider field of view because of their higher resolution.
  • CCTV cameras are offering many features of IP cameras like having the Videos, Water resistant, extreme weather bearing, and they are low of cost as compare to IP cameras.

So, if you are an average salary holder, I would recommend CCTV Cameras. But if you are a rich person and can afford IP, you should go for them. In short, Both the cameras has their pros and cones too. As IP are HD quality cameras but very expensive and on the other hand, CCTV are not in good quality as compare to IP, but they have 1080p of video so we consider it a really good in not very expensive price.


There are many types of both the cameras.
  • Bullet Cameras. Bullet cameras are one of the most common CCTV camera types.
  • Dome Cameras. The second most common CCTV camera type is the dome camera.
  • IP Cameras.
  • PTZ Camera (Pan-Tilt-Zoom)
  • C-mount Camera.
  • Day/Night Camera.
CCTV-Installation in Ajman

The technology involved in IP cameras and CCTV Cameras

CCTV systems are tried-and-true technologies that have been in use for many years. These systems are now easier to install and more powerful than ever because of advancements in technology.
Similar to CCTV systems, IP (Internet Protocol) security systems connect to ethernet connections and use the internet to function, much like a computer. The term “closed circuit” is still used today even though IP CCTV camera systems don’t actually function over one.
You can watch live or recorded video and even manage the cameras straight from your phone or mobile device when using IP CCTV systems or an HD coax system with an advanced surveillance recorder. CCTV Security Experts will assist you in doing this with no monthly fees.

CCTV-Installation in Ajman

A few things to Consider when you need cameras

You should consider these things before buying IP or CCTV cameras.
  1. Check different types of Security cameras and analyze the best one for your home or office.
  2. Check the video quality of the cameras you want to buy before purchasing.
  3. Check the cameras by shape according to the needs of the places you want to place them. There are different types of shapes of Cameras. You should check the perfect for your place.
  4. Check the recording system of your cameras.
  5. You should also check the place from where you are getting the Installation services of your cameras. DAB contracting provides the best CCTV installation service in UAE.
  6. Why you should have your CCTV cameras.

Why you need IP and CCTV cameras for your home and business

As you know the increasing crime ratio in this era, There are several reasons for you to have your own CCTV and IP cameras for your home and business. The environment in your home should make you and your family feel safe, secure, and relaxed. Many people don’t realize they need a home security system until it’s too late. Fortunately, by doing some careful planning and preparation, you can stay ahead of the curve and avoid such a situation altogether.
CCTV, which stands for “closed circuit television,” is frequently referred to as security cameras or video surveillance. These gadgets can be installed in and around your home and are a crucial component of any security system as both a preventative measure with real-time monitoring and as recorded evidence of anything that occurs. It is an important factor in the protection provided by a home security system. These can help you in reducing theft, Crimes, and harassment, and identify criminals. You can check your employees while sitting in your own office. Even you can see your children at home while doing your office work.

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Advantages of installing CCTV at your homes and offices

There are many advantages of CCTV And IP Cameras that you should never ignore.
  1. Reduce Crimes.
  2. Safety of your family.
  3. Helping Police in their investigation of a crime.
  4. It is a long term safety investment.
  5. You have the recording of each and everything that happens at your home.
  6. You can see your employees while they are working in their cabins.
  7. It is helpful for you if you own a business , you can have a look on your clients\customers while they enter to your place till they go back.

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Which one is best for you? In our personal opinion

As you have read all the essential things of CCTV and IP cameras. So now it is really easy for you to choose a suitable camera system for you. As there are different advantages to all camera systems. So you can suggest the best for you according to your needs. You can call our office for your free consultation in choosing a good camera system for you. You`ll be happy with our honest suggestions for you to give you the best for you. Our first priority is our public happiness. So feel free to ask anything before having or buying a service.

Frequently asked questions

The time period when the camera’s clocks are programmed to trap and hold a charge is known as an integration. The integration is fully independent of the exposure created by the shutter and is bounded by the behavior of the readout electronics.

Go to Windows > Settings > Privacy > Camera and click the Change button to turn on your webcam. To use your webcam, slide the button to the On position.
The camera, the camera control unit, and the monitor are the three main parts of a video camera system.

: Similar to a digital camera, IP cameras take pictures and then compress the contents for network transmission. IP cameras can be used wirelessly with a WiFi router or with a wired network connected by an ethernet cable to a modem or router for high-speed Internet.

There are different reasons to have your CCTV cameras for your homes and offices. The mean reason is your security purpose.
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